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If you enjoy the community we have created what better way to show your appreciation than by donating. All donations go straight back into maintaining and improving the server. Any donations sent can not and will not be refunded. If you would like to donate please see our options below.

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Our Services

All services must be confirmed on Discord after purchasing.

Leaderboard Stats


Keep track of your progression within Krypton with an easy to use Discord interface.

Priority Queue

£10 / Month
£60 / Lifetime

With Priority Queue you can guarantee you will be the first one jumping back into the action. Priority Queuing is a monthly package and must be renewed by creating a new ticket on discord.

Clothing Package


With custom clothing you or your clan can stand out from the crowd. You simply tell us your requested designs and our in house professionals turn your visions into reality. Once clothing is complete, it will become available within our in game clothing traders.

Custom Helicopter


What better way to assert group dominance than flying into battle in a customized Helicopter. The perfect choice for any clan seeking aggression and intimidation.

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